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What makes a Great Agent

What makes a great agent?        

How do you really know when you have a great agent?

Look for their title, designations and most of all, their testimonials


Title: Are they a Realtor or a Broker Associate? A broker associate is qualified and licensed to not only help the public purchase and sell Real Estate, but are also licensed to manage agents and own their own brokerage. The State of California requires that a broker be qualified, educated and prepared to manage agents that report to them. If their qualified and versed in Real Estate to this extent wouldn’t you want one to represent you personally?

Designations: Commitment to being the best educated in the field. Selecting a credentialed agent also provides you with assurances that the agent knows what they're doing. Look for, at a minimum the CRS along with the GRI designations. Some of these designations are only offered to Realtors that meet certain production requirements. There are more designations, but these will be a good start.

Testimonials: The real personality of the agent shines when others put into words how they were treated.

Communication: Does your agent answer their phone? Are they readily accessible during work hours, after hours or weekends? Are they full-time or part time? You usually can tell if their not answering the phone between certain hours.

Availability: Does it feel like you’re their only client? Many Realtors have a full plate every day, but the ones that are skilled with making you feel like they are an agent exclusively working for you is an important factor to take into consideration.

Negotiation Ability: Does the agent project confidence? Does the agent have those qualities that tell you they’ll represent you through thick and thin and will not be driven solely by a paycheck? There is a fiduciary responsibility licensed agents have with their clients and you should expect no less.

Salesmanship: Do you feel the agent is trying to sell you every home you walk into? Then it may be time to find new agent. Keep in mind, agents don’t know everything about every home, but at the very least should point out potential issues and problems that can be easily identified.

Personality: Have you every selected a doctor, surgeon, lawyer, CPA out of convenience or they were the life of a party, family member, friend or neighbor? I hope the answer is no. We always want the best of the best when it’s coming to something critical. This is most likely the largest purchase you’ll make and it is critical finding the best possible representation.